perjantai 31. lokakuuta 2008

Okay, I'm tagged

Well, Katja tagged me, so the text is going to be in english this time. Because of this, I have to tag now five persons, and I'm sorry already, I know you guys don't like this at all :) But let's have fun with it!

Consider yourself tagged:
1. Laura Harakan varpaat
2. Mags Magsin helmet
3. Paula Ala-Buumi
4. Outi Helmetti
5. Jaana Helmiliina

And here comes six random things about me:
1. I just love walking in a forest. Nothing feels better than silence and light rain in a fresh air.
2. I hate living in a city. My dream is to move to countryside, not too far away though
3. I love shoes and I buy them far too much. And they all look the same...
4. I just came home from work and set a fire to the fireplace. There is no better way to start the weekend.
5. I'm allways cold so I guess I should move somewhere else from Finland, or put some more clothes on (although it doesn't help!) :)
6. I love to read all my net friends blogs!

3 kommenttia:

mags kirjoitti...

Ok ;-) I make no promise though!

Helmiliina kirjoitti...

Ok.. Sirpa.. I will try to tell something.. Have a nice weekend.. near the fireplace.. ;)

LauraN kirjoitti...

hih, thanks! :P i will share my deepest secrets... ;D