keskiviikko 24. marraskuuta 2010

What I have hearted this week

In our team's blog, Etsy's Best Kept Secrets, group members are showing what they have hearted during the week. We try to feature the work of many artisans, not just jewellery, since we love all things creative. Go to find out what I have hearted this week in here.

lauantai 20. marraskuuta 2010

Jewellery from my personal collection, part II

I just love my "Use your heart as your compass" rings by Delias Thompson. This is one of the rings from her and I definately need more. Her pieces are easy to wear everyday and I love the messages in them.

Earrings from the one and only Rosy Revolver. I was so lucky to get these!!!
I'm hoping that I'll someday get her Valediction earrings and one of the "to die for" rings. Let's keep our fingers crossed!!!

Custom made Halo earrings from Emily Gray . These are only one pair of her many, beautiful Halo earrings.

These are from Anna-Karin, the woman behind the Black Daisy Desings. I really want one of her beautiful rings one day. Catherine got the one that I wanted sooo bad. That woman is fast!!! Well, A-K, if you are listening: *wink wink*.
Ok, let's continue with this later. It has been so much fun!! Would love to see your personal collections too.
Guess what I'm going to do the rest of the day? Gonna go to make wooden floors with hubby to our house for the second floor. He already made my "studio" yesterday and proposed that I could already carry my stuff in and make jewelry while he builds. Love my hubby!!!

Jewellery from my personal collection, part I

I don't only make jewelry myself, but I collect and cherish pieces from my favorite artists too. My friend and talented artist Catherine inspired me to share a few examples from my personal jewellery collection. I am so proud to share these beautiful pieces with you and introduce these amazing talents.

Above you can see beautiful coral and peach moonstone earrings by Catherine, Modeste Parisienne. Her designs are luxurious, light and highly feminine pieces, that every woman would love to own.

Iza, Mgypsy, is one of my favorite artists ever. These are one of my earrings from her shop and I'm so lucky to own them. Her work is amazingly detailed and very well made.

Jennifer, LeeOhio, creates luxurious pieces from high class materials. Her every piece is a treasure that you want to cherish for the rest of your life.

Alice, Istanbul Designs, is one of my favorite metalsmiths. I just love these Art Nouveau inspired pieces from her. I have this ring (among other pieces) with a letter S (obviously).

And like most of you know, I just looove, like REALLY looove coiled jewelry. Here is my latest set from Iza. Her work just blows your mind away. I have only one word, amazing!

Here was a first few examples for you. I will promise to introduce you more pieces and talents later. Have a great weekend!!

sunnuntai 7. marraskuuta 2010

Simple Rose quartz ring

I started making new rings this weekend. Well, I only finished this one, because I went to early Christmas shopping today. I had a good day and found almost everything than I needed to find. Now I can relax and concentrate finishing the house again.

So, here is a very simple sterling silver ring with an absolutely stunning, perfectly faceted rose quartz cabochon. I like it. Will try to finish the other rings later too, but won't promise anything :) Hope you all have had a relaxing sunday!