lauantai 20. marraskuuta 2010

Jewellery from my personal collection, part I

I don't only make jewelry myself, but I collect and cherish pieces from my favorite artists too. My friend and talented artist Catherine inspired me to share a few examples from my personal jewellery collection. I am so proud to share these beautiful pieces with you and introduce these amazing talents.

Above you can see beautiful coral and peach moonstone earrings by Catherine, Modeste Parisienne. Her designs are luxurious, light and highly feminine pieces, that every woman would love to own.

Iza, Mgypsy, is one of my favorite artists ever. These are one of my earrings from her shop and I'm so lucky to own them. Her work is amazingly detailed and very well made.

Jennifer, LeeOhio, creates luxurious pieces from high class materials. Her every piece is a treasure that you want to cherish for the rest of your life.

Alice, Istanbul Designs, is one of my favorite metalsmiths. I just love these Art Nouveau inspired pieces from her. I have this ring (among other pieces) with a letter S (obviously).

And like most of you know, I just looove, like REALLY looove coiled jewelry. Here is my latest set from Iza. Her work just blows your mind away. I have only one word, amazing!

Here was a first few examples for you. I will promise to introduce you more pieces and talents later. Have a great weekend!!

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katja kirjoitti...

OK. I have decided. I want your collection, too. Kthxbai.

Modeste Parisienne kirjoitti...

Haha, I loved taking a peek at your personal collections! Can't wait to see your future installments. Needless to see, I feel so honored to discover one of my pieces surrounded by the work of mighty artisans! Thank you so much for the lovely comments too!xoxo

Sirpale kirjoitti...

Katja :P

Sirpale kirjoitti...

Catherine: this was a fun blog post :) Thanks for the inspiration!

Lee Ohio kirjoitti...

Thank you Sirpa for adding my work to your lovely collection and writing about it. As Catherine said, it is such an honor to find myself in such great company. Many thanks :)

Gemheaven kirjoitti...

Ohh what beautiful pieces you have Sirpa :D