lauantai 7. toukokuuta 2011


I just love everything in Vintage. I love old buttons and have an obsession to collect them. I love beautiful pearls and gems and I'm addicted to them.

So, here I've joined together everything that I love. Buttons with a history, gems and pearls with a soul. These materials form together a unique design that has a story to tell. If we just listen.

The buttons that I've used with these earrings were made of mother of pearl in the 1940s. They were still on their original card when I got them. Just lovely.

Now I'm addicted to these earrings, so there will be more to come. Stories, emotions, joy. I'm looking forward to them.

3 kommenttia:

Edera Jewelry kirjoitti...

Those are darling, Sirpa! Really creative use of buttons :)

Sirpale kirjoitti...

Thanks Ivy!
I have a lot of plans for these in a future :)

Gemheaven kirjoitti...

Love them ~ loving the beautiful mix of gems too ♥