sunnuntai 5. kesäkuuta 2011

Leaf post earrings

New raw brass earrings (with tiny freshwater pearls and sterling silver) inspired by Miriam Haskell.

I'm actually already in love with these! I kinda messed up with the first pair, but had more luck with this other one :)

Some of you might already know that I have been facing some health problems this spring. So I want to thank you dearly for everyone, who has been giving me support during this time :) It has been priceless for me.

This weekend I have felt better than in months. I have slept if I felt like it, watched movies and planned some happy things. So in one word, just relaxed.

But soon it is time to close my little shop for the summer, take a deep breath and enjoy of the summer. As you know, summer is quite short here in Finland so I really have to try to enjoy myself while it lasts :)

Hopefully I get many more new ideas for the Fall/Winter season during this time. Let's enjoy of the sunshine in our lives!!!

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Kesän herkut ovat ihanat, oikein aurinkoista kesää Sirpale!